M.A. in Romance Languages and English & American Studies, University of Vienna / Austria

Certificate of Proficiency in English, University of Michigan / USA

2009: Intercultural Competence in English, WIFI Österreich / Training Centre of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Vienna / Austria

2007: Further Education Programme for Trainers: Cultural Diversity, WIFI  Wien  / Training Centre of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Vienna / Austria

2005: Prof. Samy Molcho: Body Language, WIFI Management Line, Vienna / Austria

2005: Invitation by the University of Cambridge / ESOL Examinations: Training for Language School Representatives, Cambridge / England

2001: Further Education Programme for Lecturers at Universities of Applied Sciences: Supervision of Dissertations, University of Applied Sciences for Banking and Finance, Vienna / Austria

2000: Teachers‘ Training: Teaching Business English, WIFI Österreich, Bad Ischl / Austria

1998: Graduation as Qualified Trainer for Dyslexic Students, ÖBVL / Austrian Federal Association for Dyslexia, Vienna / Austria

1997: Further Education for Trainers: Educational Games, Teaching Adults 1-5, Video-training for Lecturers, WIFI Wien / Training Centre of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Vienna / Austria

1991: Course for Experienced Teachers of English in Adult Education, International Teacher Training Institute, London / England